Newborn Photography in your Home Sussex

One of the problems with newborn photography is that the window for getting those beautiful sleepy newborn baby shots is brutally short. Ideally, a newborn photo shoot takes place when your baby is between five and ten days old and it is definitely getting to the point of a struggle once your baby gets past three weeks old.

That’s not to say that I haven’t had lovely sessions with babies at this age, even up to six weeks, but they are undeniably different. Under two weeks old, your baby is still in that sleep for most of the time and easy to pose stage – they are still comfortable tucked up in the position they would have adopted in the womb and their sleep is so deep that, once they are fast in there (and getting them there is the tricky part) then you can easily move them and pose them without them stirring.  After this age, your baby has really started to engage with the world around them and they will be much more wakeful – getting them to sleep is perfectly doable but moving them without them waking to see what is going on is a lot more difficult.  They will also have started to unfurl and will be enjoying stretching and kicking much more than being tucked up and tiny.

So here is the problem.  In order to get those sleepy newborn shots, you need to be out of the house within the first two weeks and ideally in the first week but you might well not feel like doing that, however much you would love the pictures.  So I offer a home newborn photography service where you can relax in the comfort of your own home and stay in your PJs if you fancy it and I will bring my mobile studio to you.

I arrive with everything we need for a newborn session.  So blankets and accessories, my giant beanbag, my stands, my camera and my lights – these are battery powered so we don’t need to worry about trailing cables around your home.  You just need to provide me with a space approximately 3m square and preferably with good natural light but, like I say, I do bring lights with me.  When I arrive, we take a few minutes to find the perfect spot and I then spend 10 – 15 minutes getting set up and getting the lights balanced.  Then we’re ready to get on with the photos and you’re free to relax and watch from the comfort of your sofa (or wherever we end up in your home).

I have to be totally honest and say that, if I come to your home, you do get less prop and backdrop choice than you would at the studio so if you have your heart set on prop related photos – such as my baby bed, bowls or crates, then you will need to make the trip to my studio as I don’t bring absolutely everything with me for obvious reasons. You should also know that my studio is a relaxed and comfy placed to be, with a massively squishy chaise longue for you to recline and relax on while your pictures are being taken.  So it’s not a bad place to be, but if you really don’t fancy leaving the house, then its nice to know that there’s a option that still gets you the newborn pictures that you’ll love.