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This is newborn pose that you’ll see pretty often if you browse around for new baby pictures online. It’s actually a composite shot (well it should be if you’re doing it safely) as babies heads are way too heavy for them to support themselves.

The first thing to say is, although it’s a lovely shot, it isn’t a shot that works for all babies.  I don’t want to come across as being negative but that’s true of any newborn photography pose really as each baby has their preferences as to what they find comfortable and what they won’t tolerate and we only ever work to their comfort level.  However, this shot is probably one of the hardest to achieve in some ways as a lot of babies don’t enjoy the position.  However, it’s a stunner when the conditions are right for it. 
The first thing is that it requires a super settled baby as there’s a lot of manipulation involved and then it needs another pair of hands to create it.
Here’s how it works…
Step 1 – I get a super sleepy baby and put them approximately in position
Step 2 – I create a halfway house version of the shot where the baby rests their heads (by themselves) on their folded arms. By doing this, we at least get a version of the shot if they don’t like doing the full version. One of the first things I learned with newborn photography is always shoot an insurance version of a shot first, whether it be in an easier pose or outfit, newborns are famous for going from zero to sixty very fast!
Step 3 – I gently manoeuvre the baby into the pose with their hands supporting their head and keep my hands in place.
Step 4 – Someone else joins the party down by the beanbag – normally dad as it is a bit more comfortable for them to crouch down and stay in position.
Step 5 – Shot one is taken with dad holding the baby’s arms in position to provide support for the head
Step 6 – This is where it gets tricky. Without moving the baby, dad moves their hands to support the baby’s head with the arms remaining in position. I help with the transition but the key to getting the successful shot here is not letting the baby move between the two. That’s shot two in the bag.
Step 7 – The rest of the work takes place in my editing suite to put the two shots together and create the finished image.
It does sound like a bit of a faff when you list it all out like that but it can be worth it if your baby is in a sleepy enough place to go along with it. Safety first always!

Newborn Photography

A newborn photo shoot is best when your baby is between 5 and 10 days old as this is when they are at their maximum sleepiness and poseability to capture those dreamy shots.  For this reason, I definitely recommend that you book when you are pregnant as this is one less thing to worry about scheduling when you’ve just got home from the hospital.   We make an appointment for your due date plus 7 days and then adjust it as needed.

My newborn shoots include your three favourite digital images which you select from your online gallery a few weeks after your photo shoot – I don’t make you attend a sales or viewing session.  Sessions take place in my warm and cosy studio in Crawley Down and cost £95.

Newborn Photography