Newborn Photography East Grinstead West SussexPerfect Colour Match!

What takes place in the studio is really only half the story when it comes to newborn photography, the rest of the work is carried out in my editing suite when I get back to my desk.

Commonly newborns require editing around their skin to remove flaky patches and even up skin tone. However, I sometimes also tweak some colour elements to make my backdrops match my accessories – I’d love to have the perfect match for everything but there are limits to the amount of space that I have to store things. So here’s a great example – I had this gorgeous little headband that looked adorable on this baby girl but I didn’t have the perfect match for it in terms of blanket. So I went with a purple that was close and created a more coordinated look in the edit.  Love the effect and it also means that my husband won’t divorce me because I’ve taken up the entire studio with every little thing that my heart desires.  Winning all round.