This is little Saskia visiting for her newborn photos – a brand new little lady and such a pretty one.  Quite the little poser too!

She was a little older than the 5 – 10 days that is absolutely perfect for newborn photography and ,although it is crazy to say that a baby that is just three weeks is older by any measure, by the time they reach this age, they have already started to engage with the world around them.  This makes them less flexible and easy to move while they are asleep as they wake up (understandably) so they can see what’s going on.  In these circumstances, you can expect less of the sleepy images (although I have had three week olds that sleep right through so there aren’t any really hard and fast rules – babies are babies after all) but there are still lots of images that we can create with a wide awake baby that make for a great set of finished pictures.  Featured above is one option – my baby hammock in which Saskia had some relaxing time in when she had decided that she didn’t want to sleep any more.

We finished the session with pictures of her with her mum and dad.  Now the thought of having pictures taken so soon after you’ve had a baby can fill people with a bit of dread but it is nice to get involved – even if it is just your hands and arms that get in on the act.   I’d say, if you’re not sure, just get pictures taken of you together – my lighting is always flattering, skin can be smoothed in post production and the bond between your new family is definitely something very precious and worth capturing.