This little fellow  has very sporty parents, as you can probably tell by the accessories that they brought along to  include in their session – a hockey stick and a mini rugby ball.  It wasn’t all sports related of course – they also brought along a very special teddy to join in the fun.

Whilst I have lots of outfits, backdrops and accessories at the studio which you are welcome to use, I always think it is lovely to personalise your photo shoot with items that have real significance for you.   If you’re not sure if an item will work, you’re always welcome to talk it over in advance but you can just bring it along and we can make our minds up on the day.  If I’m being honest, I’ve never been asked to include a hockey stick before and it did take me a bit of thought to work out how to get it in there – totally worth the brain power though as I love the result!

Harry was an amazing sleeper in his session which is more of the exception than the rule to be completely frank with you but it is always a lovely little treat for me.  So I indulged myself and we had time to perfect his poses, add accessories and to change things around to get an amazing finished set of images that capture his precious early days.