Baby Luke came to my studio for his newborn photos and he was such a good little model we had plenty of time to play with lots of different props, accessories and poses.

Although we did take a lot of photos where he was wearing his birthday suit, we started with him in his white romper suit.  I always start with the little ones fully clothed to save giving them too much of a shock by stripping them off before they settle. So it’s a great idea to bring your newborn to their photo shoot in something you are happy for them to be photographed in.  The plain white that Luke is wearing is perfect although of course you can bring anything that you like.  It’s also great not to bring them in too many layers rather use a blanket to keep them warm for the short journey from the car to the studio as it makes it easier to settle them if I have to move them less to take their clothes off.

Of course, if you have any questions at all about how to get ready for your session or what to bring along with you then you’re always welcome to get in touch and I’m happy to talk things through.