Newborn Baby Photography Crawley Down East Grinstead

Little Evie brought her mum and dad along for a visit to the studio for her first official newborn photos aged about 7 days old – the perfect time to get newborn pictures taken.

She really was a little dream model, giving me a lovely deep sleep with plenty of time to move her around some different props, outfits and accessories, including my super-cute miniature bed (complete with handmade patchwork quilt) and my crocheted baby hammock – perfect for relaxing!  Actually the hammock is a little bit of digital trickery for the sake of safety as mum and dad really only lift it about an inch away from my giant beanbag and then it’s ‘suspended’ in post production – you’d be surprised how many newborn shots are created as composite images to make sure your little one is never in any danger of falling, startling out of position or even uncomfortable in any pose.