Continuing this week’s black and white theme, here’s some of my favourite photos to share with you all from a recent newborn session.  Bethany was our little model and she took a while to go to sleep but once she was in the land of nod, we had plenty of time to take lots of pictures (mostly in colour actually) with some of my props and accessories and also with the items that her mum and dad brought along – a teddy from each grandma, a toy horse to reflect mum’s horse-riding passion and a blanket to reflect dad’s passion for Ipswich Town Football Club.  After we had taken a full set of Bethany on her own, then mum and dad decided to get involved.

Now, this is a controversial subject with some new mums and dads and I totally understand why as you don’t always feel like your best when you’ve been lacking sleep for a few days not to mention gone through the whole childbirth experience.  Still there’s no pressure to be involved and even if you fancy being a little part of the photo experience, you can choose to just include your hands or arms.  That said, I have to say I just love the shot of Bethany sleeping in her mum’s arms – just precious!