Meet baby Luna who came to the studio a little before Christmas for her first set of official newborn photos.  She was an angel in the studio, waking in the middle of her session when it was time to get changed but then she was happy to lie on my cosy beanbag in her even cosier green pod (knitted by a very clever family member).  With eyes like that, it would have been a shame if they had been closed for all of her session anyway.

Once she drifted back off to sleep again, we played with lots of different poses and accessories – some from my stash and some that her mum and dad brought along with them.  The thing with babies, and of course you already know this, is that they are likely to do their own thing. That’s why my baby sessions are booked for an unhurried two hours and never back to back with another session. If your baby is awake, we work with that.  If they are asleep, we work with that. These tiny people are the bosses of us all!

I generally find that even a baby who is a fully paid up member of the wide awake club will peacefully nod off at some point to let us get those sleepy shots.  The nearer to the five day old mark they are, the easier this is but generally speaking, enough feeding, rocking, soothing and snuggling gets them all in the end! So if you are at a newborn photo shoot and your baby wakes up, there’s no need to panic.  Either way you get great images.