This is Robyn, and I kind of already feel like I know her as I was lucky enough to share her mum and dad’s wedding seven years ago and we’ve kept in touch since.  I’m not going to lie to you, this was one of those sessions where Robyn decided that she would rather stay awake than go to sleep but then that’s why these sessions are booked for two hours.  We have plenty of time to cater to all those newborn needs before we can gently persuade them to drift off so I can do my part of the work.  We had lots of fun while she was sleeping with tutus and my new baby tiara (gosh I love that so much) and created some great images of her on her own before it was time for her big sister to get involved.

When there are older siblings that you want to include in a newborn session, I recommend that you get dropped off with your newest arrival and then big brother or sister head off for some entertainment with someone else (normally dad) for an hour and a half.  Newborn sessions can be a very boring place for tiny people to have to sit and be relatively quiet, and this way they have some fun and also get to be in the photos when they come back.  I love the one of Robyn and her big sister’s hands together  – I’m sure they have a lifetime of holding hands ahead of them.