Had a little bit of a shopping spree recently to add to my newborn props and accessories.  Yep, it’s a hard life.  Shopping for adorable things is such a chore! Anyway one of my finds and the first to arrive all the way from Florida is this beautiful set of tiny angel wings.

I have one set of white wings but I fell in love with this set with their tiny delicate feathers and fluff in the most gorgeous gentle blush colour. I am literally hopping excited for the next little girl to visit the studio for her newborn photos so I can give them a test run.

I already have quite a collection of newborn props, blankets and accessories but I do like to freshen up from time to time and add new items.  It keeps the range that I can offer my clients nice and large as obviously not everybody’s tastes are the same.  Of course, visitors are always invited to bring along their own items to include and personalise their session, I think that’s a lovely thing to do as that makes your newborn photographs entirely unique and relevant to you.  People often bring along handmade or knitted items, personalised gifts, nursery accessories or sports related items for a specific sport or team.  Now, when they bring along their little angel, I’ll be able to add in the perfect accessory.