Vintage Photo Shoots for Children Sussex

Where possible I do like my photo shoot props to be unique and so I make and customise as much as I can.  This is the latest addition to the stores and it’s destined to be part of my vintage styled photo shoots for children, specifically this in the girls section (the boys have props that are little more macho!)

This was basically a tatty old table we were going to throw out which I decided would be almost perfect for what I needed.  So I sawed off the legs and gave it lots of coats of paint only to then sand them back for a vintage ‘distressed’ look (the irony of painting it carefully only to sand half of it back off is not lost on me).  Anyway, I love the way it looks now – so much that I tried to work out if there was anywhere I could put it in the house!) and it’s completely unique to me and my little studio visitors.