If you’ve been to my studio for family or baby photos over the last decade or so (man, I do not like how old that makes me feel!), there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be familiar with my red footstool. It’s the perfect height for sitting on, climbing on or helping little ones to stay on their feet and it has been in lots of photos that I love over the years.  Still, it didn’t quite suit some of my new backdrops so I’ve created a new one that I’m thrilled with.

OK, there was a bit of a disagreement in the household on this occasion as I kind of stole and repurposed the littlest table in a nest of tables that we had in the lounge but in my defence, we never used it and it was the perfect size and weight.  As far as I am concerned, that is all the defence that I need to make! I like to make / customise as many of my props as possible so I know that no-one else has one like it and I love how this one turned out.

PS The red one is staying though, firstly cos it would be quite difficult to fit four people on the new one plus it just wouldn’t be my studio without it!