I’m still consumed with Spring fever which always compels me to start making new things for the studio, and changing things around. Something about the first sun of the year just makes me want to reinvent everything and start with new ideas, my head is fairly bubbling!

So here’s some more bunting, this is designed for my first birthday photo shoots – as I suppose you could probably guess by the fact that it has ‘1’s all over it.  The pink string is reversible and has blue ones on the back and then if you don’t feel like pastel pinks and blues, there’s a rainbow bright set (I’ve got a lovely rainbow number one prop to go with this one).

I went with bunting as it’s my go to make, it’s so quick and simple and can you really ever have enough of the stuff?  Well, my husband would disagree with me on this but no, you can’t.  Anyway, I’m killing time a little bit with some small makes while I make some big changes in the studio to give me a whole new shooting environment – watch this space, I’m so excited to be able to show it to you soon!