Newborn Photography East Grinstead West Sussex

2022 saw a few new services being introduced to the studio along with a whole raft of exciting new props and accessories.  One of them was the Natural Newborn style of photography.

It was something that I’d been considering for a couple of years actually as the trend is definitely moving towards a more unposed style of newborn photography with a more lifestyle look and feel.  However, I hadn’t really come up with the perfect way of staging it in the studio until I came up with the idea of a bedroom set.  One kingsize (and extremely comfortable) bed later, and it was ready to launch.

The idea is to have a session which looks as if it could have taken place in your home whilst still offering the same great studio quality and none of the constraints that come from setting up and working in an familiar environment.

This option is available to select when you receive your newborn options form the day before your photo shoot and includes my bed set up as well as a Moses basket set up.  You can still personalise your session with your choice of colours and obviously any items that you’d like to bring along from home.

It would be lying to say that there isn’t any posing but one of the big differences between this style of session and a traditional newborn photo shoot is that we don’t strip your baby down to naked.  Most of the time they are photographed in a vest or sleepsuit and we might slip these off to get them cosy in a swaddle but all in all, that means that there is less intervention with them overall.  This means that it can also be a great options where babies are a little bit older than the recommended newborn age of two weeks and it’s particularly great for when you want to pose them with older siblings that are still pretty young themselves as they can relax on the bedso their big brother or sister don’t have to worry about holding or supporting them and just need to focus on their own smiles.

Newborn Photography

A newborn photo shoot is best when your baby is between 5 and 10 days old as this is when they are at their maximum sleepiness and poseability to capture those dreamy shots.  For this reason, I definitely recommend that you book when you are pregnant as this is one less thing to worry about scheduling when you’ve just got home from the hospital.   We make an appointment for your due date plus 7 days and then adjust it as needed.

My newborn shoots include your three favourite digital images which you select from your online gallery a few weeks after your photo shoot – I don’t make you attend a sales or viewing session.  Sessions take place in my warm and cosy studio in Crawley Down and cost £95.