Newborn Photography East Grinstead West Sussex

The mum of this adorable little girl requested the baby spa set up for her newborn shoot – she knew she wanted it as soon as she saw it as she is a beautician herself!

It’s a tricky one to achieve to be perfectly honest with you as it does require a very settled baby.  However, I have worked out a way to do it while keeping their bottom half safely and snugly tucked up in a swaddle as it doesn’t show under the dressing gown which has certainly made it a lot easier.  I loved the gown, turban and chair set when I saw it but I did feel it needed a bit more when I used it for the first time so I tracked down the super cute little set of wooden beauty accessories and I love how it’s all come together.

Just a note to say that, although she looks like she’s balanced on the chair with no-one around her, there was actually a parent very close at hand to make sure everything stayed secure. Safety first always…