Mermaid Photo Shoots Sarah Fisher Photography Sussex

This is Mermaid Millie and a very fine mermaid she was too when she visited the studio recently for her photo shoot.

A few people have asked me if this is a green screen photo shoot and no, it isn’t.  I’ve ever hated green screen stuff in the studio (though I’ve done the Harry Potter World broomstick ride personally and loved it then!).  It’s super fun in a theme park setting but I don’t think that the results hold up to scrutiny in terms of quality when you’re talking about art for your wall.  So when your little one comes to visit for their mermaid photo shoot, they won’t actually see the scene that they are becoming part of it so it’s quite a good idea to show them before you come so it makes a bit more sense for them.  That said, they do still get to wear a mermaid outfit (despite the fact that it’s only the top they have on that will be in the finished image) and we have fun talking about what we reckon mermaids might get up to.  All of this works to create the right atmosphere to create you the perfect piece of digitally mermaidised art!