Mermaid Photo Shoot West Sussex

It was a very mermaid-y weekend  a couple of weeks ago with a whole school of mermaids visiting the studio to create their dream piece of mermaid art for their bedroom walls.

It’s strange in the studio like that – sessions seems to come in runs for some reason – and it was a joyful little run of mermaid fun that’s for sure.

A mermaid photo shoot is different to my normal photo shoots in that it is a short and sweet session designed to create the perfect base image for one single piece of mermaidised art.  Your little mermaid will pose in my mermaid tail and bikini top (you don’t really need the tail but it does make it more fun so we do it anyway) and we will capture the starting image for your wall art.  Then you go back home and wait for the magic to take place in my editing suite to create your finished artwork.