Your pregnancy is the start of a very exciting adventure and one of that can slip by very fast whilst you are waiting until you can hold your baby in your arms.

Whilst it’s not a time that all women feel at their most body confident, you’re actually at your most feminine with extra curves, lustrous hair and glowing skin. It is a time that you’l be glad that you captured and that you will enjoy sharing with your child when they are old enough to realise that it is them in your tummy.

Choosing your Maternity Photographer

There is always a choice of photographer and they will be offering a range of services and packages.  Price is obviously an issue (wouldn’t it be wonderful if it wasn’t?) but it probably shouldn’t be your main one.  The first thing is to look at their work and find someone who offers images in a style that you love.  Look for things like flattering posing, high quality lighting and attention to detail such as wrinkles in backdrops, natural skin editing etc.

Experience is no guarantee of quality in itself but there’s a definite advantage in choosing someone who has taken maternity pictures before as it’s quite different from other types of photographer and there are some lessons that need to be learned before you can offer a quality finished product.

Scheduling your Session

It is a good idea if possible not to leave to until the very end of your pregnancy before booking your photo shoot.  Studios can get busy so you want to be sure of getting an appointment date and time that works for you.  Also, if your little one decides to make an early appearance, then you’ve missed the opportunity.  I recommend booking your session for when you are between 28-36 weeks into your pregnancy (and up to 32 weeks if you are having twins).  You’ll still look pregnant and you’ll be a little more comfortable than in the last couple of weeks.

Feeling Camera Shy

It’s pretty common to have some nerves before a photo shoot, especially if it’s your first experience in a studio.  One of the things that people say to me most often is ‘I’m not very photogenic’.  Well, that’s not true but I do understand that it can be a bit nerve-wracking to meet at stranger and have them take your photo, especially if you’re going to be taking off some clothes.

I can’t take away a bit of nerves but I can tell you this – it’s my job to make you look great so just let me do it.  You won’t be expected to know what to do or how to pose (great if you do of course) so I’m going to guide you through absolutely everything.

What to Bring to your Shoot

What you need to bring depends a little on the types of photos that you’d like to create. It’s always worth bringing along something relatively tight fitting that clings to our bump so you can show it off and matching underwear if you’re planning to have photos in it.  Bring something that fits you really well and if that means you have to go lingerie shopping and treat yourself to something new, well, feel free to use me as your reason.

I have a range of maternity dresses that are beautiful and super flattering in lace and sheer fabrics that you are welcome to borrow for your session.

Other things that can work well are

  • a shirt that buttons down the front so you can reveal some bump
  • bandeau top
  • a flowing maxi dress
  • a light underwear set (some of my maternity dresses look best with white or nude underwear)
  • coordinating clothes for family members if they are joining you
  • skirt or trousers and a camisole top

Before your Session

Gentle exfoliation and lots of moisturiser a day before your session is a great idea to give your skin that extra glow.  Also, take a few minutes to get your nails looking pretty as your hands will definitely be featured on your bump. Most maternity photography focuses on your body down to mid thigh level but your feet might be in a few shots and so if you need a reason to treat yourself to a pedi, then I’m happy to be it.  Other than those two little bits of advice, you just need to be your gorgeous self.

Immediately before your session, it’s a great idea to wear loose fitting clothes and underwear so you don’t have marks on your skin.


I edit each of your final images to show you off as your best self and I can reduce or remove any stretchmarks or temporary blemishes.  We’ll talk about it at the end of your session and you can let me know what you’d like.  Sometimes, people like me to leave their tiger stripes in and that’s fine too.

Props and Accessories

I have some props that you might like to incorporate into your session – you can find out more about those here. However, you’re welcome to bring along your own items to personalise your photo shoot.  I’ve listed some ideas that work well below but I’m happy to work with whatever you come up with.

  • Scan photos
  • Blankets
  • First toys
  • First outfits
  • Baby bootees
  • Books you’ll be reading to your baby

Maternity Photography

I recommend coming for your maternity shoot when you are between 32 – 36 weeks pregnant so you have plenty of bump to show but you’re not getting too uncomfortable (also in case your baby decides to make an early appearance).  My maternity shoots cost £95 and include your three favourite digital images (you’re also welcome to borrow any of my gorgeous maternity photo shoot dresses while you’re in the studio).  You select your pictures and order any more that you would like directly from your online gallery, there’s no sales or viewing session to attend.