I’m a big fan of my studio and that’s no secret – I’m always banging on about how much I love working there and how versatile it is, especially given that it’s not the biggest that we’ve ever had.

It is at my home in Crawley Down (near the Dukes Head roundabout if you know the area) but it is in a totally separate building down a sweet little path through the gardens that I never actually seem to get bored of.

Divided into two sections, there’s a ‘light side’ and a ‘dark side’ with a cosy little lobby in the middle with toilet / changing facilities just through the door.  The light side features a plain white background, plus all of my different backdrops and a natural light window setting.  The dark side a more boudoir feel with black damask wallpaper on one wall, a selection of other backdrop colours and a bed setting that can be put together in a matter of minutes.  It also has heavier insulation and so we use this for newborn sessions (the other side is warm too though!) and features a super comfy chaise longue which is great for posing on but also a fab place to relax and watch your newborn images being created.

This range of background, prop and lighting options means that I can tackle almost anything professionally from sleepy newborns to the liveliest cake smash or kids photo shoot – all in just a short walk from my house.  Not that I’m lazy or anything…

Here’s some photos so you can take a peek!