Lily came to visit along with her mum and, very importantly, mum’s wedding dress for a portrait photo shoot.  The In Mummy’s Wedding Dress shoots are sweet and simple and a magical way of capturing your child having some fun in your very best of best frocks.

She even brought a long a few of her wedding day accessories to play with as well including some jewellery, shoes (with killer heels!) and also her veil.  In honour of the last addition to our dressing up wardrobe for the day, we got out the wind machine to get everything blowing around for a little extra fun and perhaps a bit of drama too.   This was a fun session packed full of giggles – there’s always something a little bit giddy about these, I guess giant wedding dresses just bring out the fun in all of us, so there were so many pictures to choose from.  It’s a great way of getting your child to relax in the studio as they are having a great time and you can really see their personalities shining through – plus of course, you get to walk away with some beautiful keepsake images at the end of it all.