In Mummy's Wedding Dress

This is a new idea for me but I’m already head over heels in love with it – In Mummy’s Wedding Dress – children’s portrait photography.

It pretty much does exactly what it says – you take your wedding dress out of storage, plus your shoes and veil if you fancy it, and bring it along to the studio.  Then your daughter gets to feel like a true princess and try it on for size – obviously there are some strategically placed clips keeping everything where it needs to be.  A wedding dress shoot makes the perfect end to a children’s portrait photography session.

The days of wedding dresses being handed down through families from mother to daughter are pretty much over really, fashions change so fast and part of the fun of planning your wedding is choosing the perfect dress and so it’s likely that this will be the only time your daughter wears your wedding dress.  What a beautiful memory to capture, plus it’s fun for a little girl to wear such a magical garment.  It really does make them feel like a princess!

Please Note: These sessions do require some ability on the part of your little girl to follow some simple instructions, stay in one place for a few minutes and to stand unaided.  For this reason, I don’t recommend them for the under 4’s.