Sarah Fisher Photography West Sussex

How big is my studio? It’s a question that indirectly comes up a lot when people are looking to book family portraits. Here’s the answer…

Not massive. It’s split into two halves which both have different feels and purposes with a little lobby and toilet / changing area in the middle. It’s a good size for a studio but it is does limit the amount of people that I can have in it and photograph at any one time.

My maximum group size is five people and ideally some of those people would be of the child variety. If it’s going to be five adults, it might be possible but there are some conditions that apply so you’d definitely need to have a quick chat with me before booking.

Now that’s not to say that I can only physically fit five people into the shooting space – clearly that would mean I was working in a cupboard. It’s more to do with posing options and having space not to put people at the edge of the frame which would be horribly unflattering.

So much as I’d love to be able to cater for larger groups, I simply can’t. It’s not me being mean or lazy, it’s just a space thing. I don’t know anyone locally that has a studio that takes much larger groups but if you do, then definitely let me know as that would be good info to have!

I will caveat that whole thing with the fact that, if Paddington does want to book in with everyone he knows, I will make an exception even if this is what the end result looks like.