Christmas photos in Crawley Down East Grinstead SussexChristmas photos in Crawley Down East Grinstead Sussex

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the studio.  Well a bit.  I have to reign it in a bit for a couple of months yet as not everyone is quite an enthusiastic about the festive season as I am.  In fact, there has been a ban put in place in my house by my husband and son on me talking about it.  This means that I now make plans in secret which, if I’m honest, actually makes it more fun.

Anyway, secret or otherwise, festive plans are well underway.  I’m busy making a new batch of festive props and accessories and planning my Christmas event which I am very excited about.  Here’s a little look at a few of the newborn layers, blankets and accessories for this year.  Including my miniature Christmas stocking complete with handmade felted teddy bear to peek out of the top – it looks just perfect hanging from the post of my newborn posing bed.

*walks away whilst humming the tune to White Christmas*