Three ‘besties’ in the studio to celebrate a very special birthday for Lucy with a great fun photo shoot. I think the best friend bond between them really shines through!

These shoots are perfect for up to five girls and a lot of the fun is in the planning of the outfits that they’re going to bring along – and of course, don’t forget the accessories.  Each shoot allows for up to four outfit changes (you have two hours of fun packed studio time) and these ladies brought along jeans and tshirts, onesies, crazy accessories and smart dresses.  The only limit is your imagination!

The sessions are geared towards having fun and building confidence in front of the camera and I gently prompt and guide the girls through every step of the way so there’s no pressure and definitely no studio photo experience necessary.  Still the girls do get to have an input into sections of the shoot so they can really put the stamp of their personalities on their session to make it really unique to them.  I teach them a few basic age appropriate ‘modelling tricks’ and by the end, they’re normally strutting their stuff with some considerable style and confidence!