Charlie’s first birthday was a very special occasion and so we celebrated with cake smash and tub splash photos in the studio to really mark the occasion.

The benefit of the tub splash photos is firstly, you get great photos of a thing that most babies (not all of course) love to do – splash around in warm bubbly water.  The other benefit is more on a practical level in that cake smashes can be quite sticky affairs.  Again, not always, I’ve actually had some quite dainty cake smashes that don’t result in a lot of mess but for the most part there is a good chance that your baby will finish with a sugary coating.  You can of course clean them up with baby wipes but a good dunk in the tub does mean that you can take home a less mucky little one and save your car seat from sticky patches!

Of course these are customisable sessions so you are welcome to cake smash and then tub splash, or choose to do just one, or skip that part altogether and just get great photos of your little one as they approach their first birthday with no cake or bubble bath involved at all.  It’s totally up to you!

I have first birthday props and accessories as well as a range of backdrops that you can choose from – add ducks, bunting, vintage enamel ware or in Charlie’s case – a nautical theme – to your tub splash photos or bring along your own ideas.  I’m lucky to have some clever and creative clients who never cease to surprise and inspire me with the props they bring along to include in their photo shoots.

If you’d like to find out more about organising some cake smash and tub splash photos for your baby’s first birthday, then just follow this link to find out all the info.