Jonathan has been coming to see me at my studio in Crawley Down (near East Grinstead in West Sussex) since he was just a few days old and yet seemingly in the blink of an eye, here he was on his first birthday and all ready to party with a cake smash and tub splash photo shoot along with his mum and dad. It’s terrifying how fast that first year with your new baby goes by and definitely worth celebrating and commemorating the end of a crazy first twelve months together.

Jonathan’s mum and dad brought along a lovely cake for him to enjoy but to be honest, he really wasn’t all that fussed about eating it!  It’s not unusual for babies to not be so keen on cake as it’s often an unaccustomed taste for their little palates so while they might like the feel of playing with it and general smearing it about, they might not be so keen to actually eat it.  That said, I have had to work double fast on cake smashes before to get the shots before the little model eats their body weight in cake and makes themselves sick so there’s no such thing as an average session!  You don’t actually need  a lot of cake to be smashed to get great photos although it’s fun when it really does go everywhere (and sometimes I have to wash it out of my hair between sessions 🙂 )

Anyway, Jonathan fell into the non sweet tooth camp but very much enjoyed his time in the tub with the duck accessory set and a good dose of bubbles from my bubble machine!  So a happy camper by the end of the session that’s for sure and a great set of first birthday images.