This is Bethany at her final Joey Club photo shoot and to be honest she’s not always been the biggest fan of having her picture taken.  This time was no exception, even with the extra pair of hands that dad brought along, she was really quite unsure of the whole photo shoot. So it was up to us to take it slowly and guide her through it.  Hence the behind the scenes glimpse of how we got her happy in the tub – for many smiling babies, there is a mum or dad splashing, doing silly dances or singing daft songs!

But all was worth it in the end as we created a set of great images to celebrate and commemorate her very first birthday and the end of a very exciting twelve months for this new family! We started of with some family portraits, then some of mum and Bethany together.  This was when Bethany was at her very happiest, safe in her mum’s lap whilst watching her dad do all sorts of silly things to make her smile.  Then we moved on to the tub splash part of the session (she’s not a cake kind of girl so we skipped the smash the cake part of the session – you can add in or take out as you wish).  Some splashing, some singing and I think some duck impressions later – we had lots of smiles!