Adam and I (plus his mum, dad and big sister) have had a lot of fun this year at his Baby Photography Club sittings.  We have met three times – one each at four, eight and twelve months old.  Each time has been a lovely session with some of my favourite folks – I first met this family when their big girl was, well, little.

In his first session, at four months old, he was obviously still really little and unable to sit up by himself so we made use of my comfy beanbags and specially designed sitting cushion to let him sit up and pose for his photos safely and securely.  We also took some special photos that recreated some that we had taken years ago with his big sister, plus some family shots.

In his next baby photography club session at eight months old, he was so much further advanced – sitting and standing supported – we could make use of some of my different backdrops, props and accessories.  Including my trusty leather footstool – honestly I know you see it in a lot of my baby photos as I think it was one of the first things I bought when I started photography (nearly fifteen years ago but let’s call it five so I can feel young again). I probably should ditch it in the interests of variety but it is just the perfect height for tiny people to stand with, and for families to sit on, bigger kids to sit on and under… honestly, call me sentimental but I just can’t bear to part with it. Anyway, that was a fun session too…

And above you can see the results of some of his photos from his last ever baby photography club session – aged twelve months and how the year has flown by.  His big sister was back to lend a helping hand and to join in some of the pictures and we added in a cake smash and tub splash to really mark this momentous occasion.  By that I mean his first birthday not the end of his baby photography club – I mean, I do actually know that it’s not all about me! In case you were wondering that is the face a baby makes when he is too busy eating cake to smile and simultaneously wondering if anyone is going to stop him just going to town on the massive cake that he has in front of him.

Ah well I will miss him and his family – hope to see them again some time in the future.  If you’d like to find out more about my Baby Photography Club then just follow this link.