This was a very special portrait for me as this family have been coming to visit me since Zara was little and I’ve got to know them quite well at various events over the years.  So it was a real treat to capture three generations of these fabulous ladies in a studio photo shoot.

These kind of photo shoots are something really special. Sure they’re great images for the family to have right now but they can actually become family heirlooms.  I was reading something online this week, I forget where exactly so sorry for not giving them credit, but it was about how women in particular can shy away from getting their pictures taken for all sorts of reasons that seem important at the time but really they’re not reasons at all.  It urged women to get in pictures with their friends and more importantly, family.  It doesn’t matter if you think you’re having a bad hair day or you don’t like your top or your legs or your whatever, your children, your grandchildren, all the way down to their grandchildren, they’re going to want to see you.   So get out there, and freeze a little moment of your history for future generations.