‘Tis the season for family photos in December!  Actually, it’s pretty much an all year round thing (thankfully or I’d be in some kind of trouble) but there is definitely a trend to being super busy at the end of November and December. I guess people start to think about getting Christmas presents that friends and family will really love.

This gorgeous family actually came to visit for their photo shoot as part of the Joey Club – I have no problems about parents getting in the pictures in these sessions – it’s about capturing your first year together after all.  Little Amelia was a tad serious at the start of her session so we decided to use the low light half of the studio and capture some more emotional shots of her with her mum and dad.  Then we journeyed back over to the ‘light’ side for some more fun and smiley pictures.

Dads are well known the world over for being very good at the airplane game which most babies love (honestly, they all seem to be such adrenaline junkies!) so we started there to put Amelia at her ease and in the mood for fun. It worked a treat due to some very professional airplaning by dad and lots of silly faces from me and her mum.  Love the family portrait too – what a gorgeous happy set they all look!