My fairy photo shoots are unique to me – I design and build the set each time and hand make the dresses, wings and wands to make sure that you can’t have the same fairy experience with any one else.   I was really keen on building my own little fairy world from the very start!

So it follows that my props are also unique to me and imbued with their own little magical backstories – obviously.  The magic lantern was thoughtfully provided for me by the fairies themselves so that we would never get lost in the Forest, the crystal ball encourages the fairy realm to take a closer look at the work we are doing and there is a special surprise inside the Fairy Tales book.  You’d have to visit the studio to find out what that is though!

My fairy photo shoots will be back in the studio in September and again in November, when the Forest will be full of snowy magic.  Perfect for sharing the magic with your little fairy aged three and up, check out the website to find out when you can book.