It’s a rare occasion for most families to have everyone together in one place and especially for this family as some of them live overseas.  So they decided to make the most of the occasion (a 40th birthday party) and hired me to capture a mix of informal and ‘formal’ photos of part of the evening. The last thing you want to be thinking of at a party when you’re trying to have a good time is capturing everyone on camera and so why not hire me to take care of it for you?

What I usually recommend with events like this that an hour and a half’s coverage is plenty.  Get your immediate family to arrive half an hour before the official start time to give a little time to get some group photos – this is the more ‘formal’ section of the event but the photos don’t need to be stiff and unnatural, it’s just easier to get everyone together before the party gets started!  Then most venues will allow about an hour for a drinks reception at the start of a party before the food is served, and so I stick around for this bit to capture the rest of the guest arrivals and everyone mingling and enjoying themselves.  Of course, if you want me to capture any specific photos, events or groups of folk in this time, then all you have to do is ask.

I normally take my leave when the food gets served and everyone can really relax and kick up their heels.  All of the edited photos from your gallery will arrive on a memory stick on your doormat a couple of weeks after your event so you can relive all the fun and share the pictures with the rest of your friends and family.

Of course, not every event is the same and some won’t fit within this timeline or you might need something different.  Not to worry, I can create a custom package just for you – just get in touch to talk over the requirements for your special event.