This is baby Emily who came to visit my portrait studio at just over two weeks old for her first official newborn photos.  She took a little extra encouragement to get off into a deep sleep (which isn’t of course unusual in such a brand new person) but once she got there, she looked just as peaceful as can be.

So I worked quickly through lots of different outfits and accessories to get a wide variety of shots – I don’t need long once they are in the land of nod – including some with my name blocks, some of my tutus and headbands as well as with a very special cuddly rabbit that her mum brought along.

I have quite a range of props and accessories at the studio that you can choose from and its a collection that grows all the time as I seem to keep on finding hats, blankets and other little bits and pieces that I simply cannot resist!  Still, I always think it is lovely to personalise your session by bringing along some of your own items – teddy bears, football colours, sporting medals, name blocks, first Christmas ornaments are just a few that I’ve had in the past  and all looked great in the finished images.