Newborn photography has been popular for a while now and we are all enchanted by those beautiful sleepy baby images.  Your baby will never change so fast as they do in those first few days and weeks so it is truly a special time worth capturing and preserving.

If you’re planning on booking a photo shoot for your new arrival, then here’s some answers to questions I’m often asked.  Of course if you have questions that aren’t included here, then just get in touch and I’m always happy to help.

What’s the Best Age for a Newborn Photo Shoot?

Ideally when your little one is between 5 – 10 days old although that period can be extended to 14 days (and a little longer if your baby was an early arrival).  Past this age, your baby will begin to engage with the world around them and it gets more difficult to keep them asleep to move them between poses.  They also naturally unfurl from the tucked position they adopted in the womb.  That’s not to say that there aren’t great photos to be had after they are two weeks old but they are less likely to be those dreamy curled up poses.

How Long does a Photo Shoot Take?

It really depends on how your baby feels, they’re the boss!  Generally, I schedule a session for two hours with a little extra time to play with so we don’t need to rush if we need it.

What’s Better – a Studio Session or a Home Session?

It depends a bit on your circumstances but as a rule of thumb, a studio session will give you access to more backdrop, prop and accessory options as there’s a limit to what a photographer will bring to your home.  On the other hand, a home session means that you can relax and watch your shoot happen from the comfort of your sofa, in your PJs if you fancy it, with all your home comforts to hand.   A home session will require  certain amount of space and usually a degree of natural light (although I always take battery operated lights as supplement if required) but you have those things, you will still get great photos of your baby and you don’t need to pack up and go out.   If you’ve got your heart set on more prop based photos, such as those in tiny beds, bowls and drawers, then you probably want to take a studio session so your photographer has more to choose from to work with.

How do you Book a Session if your Baby isn’t Born Yet?

Most photographers limit the amount of sessions that they take on as they need to be flexible with scheduling to account for early and late arrivals (plus they are quite time consuming both in the studio and in the editing suite), so if there’s someone you love, then it’s worth booking early.  I can’t speak for everyone but I think my process is pretty standard.  I book your appointment for your due date plus 7 days and then you simply let me me know when your baby arrives so we can reschedule if required.  If you’ve already had your baby and decided you want a session, then it’s still worth getting in touch as I’ll always do my best to make space for you in the studio wherever possible.

What if my Baby Cries or needs Feeding?

Well, they probably will.  I can count on my hands the amount of babies in the last five years that have turned up asleep and stayed that way for the whole session.  Sessions are always designed to accommodate settling and feeding time.  Breast feeding is of course completely fine – basically you should treat the studio as your home for the time you are there.  Babies might be unpredictable but full tummies, a warm and cosy space and lots of soothing is pretty much guaranteed to get them into the land of nod in the end.

The Naked Photos are Sweet but what if my Baby Pees or Poos?

Everything in a newborn photography studio is designed to be washable, including the photographer.  It’s a ‘when not if’ situation really when a baby is naked for most of the session.  Bed mats, wipes and towels are always on hand for a clean up then we simply change the blanket or prop and carry on.

I have Older Children that I’d Like to be Part of the Shoot

Mums, dads and siblings are always welcome to be part of the shoot.  For very young big brothers and sisters however, a photo session can be a very dull event so it’s normally an idea to have them join in either at the start or the end of the session so they can go off with a parent or grandparent and do something far more fun while we capture images of the newest arrival.