Now I don’t want to upset anyone so I think it’s only fair to warn you that this post is going to discuss the matter of Christmas.  Yes, I do know that it’s currently July and it’s currently really warm outside but I’m going to do it anyway.   That’s just the kind of girl I am so if you’re not ready to face the festivities just yet, bookmark this page and come back later.

The reason that I’m currently humming Winter Wonderland to myself is that my super cute custom made wooden sleigh just turned up all ready for my Christmas photo shoot event.  This year, I’m so excited.  Well, I’m excited every year but this year, I’ve expanded the event to include a space for family portraits so you can all get in on the action rather than keeping it a kids only event as I have in the past.

Both sides of the studio will be open to all festive comers where there will be a snow scene (that’s where the sleigh comes in), a Christmas fireplace scene, a twinkly teepee lit by fairy lights and an area for family portraits against a white background where santa hats and Christmas jumpers will of course by optional but encouraged.  These mini sessions are designed to create the perfect set of Christmas presents and holiday card images to make you super popular this Noel.

More to come on this but in the meantime, sleigh bells ring.  Are you listening?