This year has been my first where I’ve seriously looked into using digital backdrops as part of my work. While they won’t ever be the main part of what I do, they certainly are a lot of fun to play with and give me some options when it comes to creating fantasy images as part of your picture galleries.

I’ve bought a few festive backdrops and this was the first one I tried out.  I think it is safe to say that it really does have all the festive feels!  When it comes to creating high quality digital composites, it’s really important that you shoot with the end result in mind – it’s not simply a case of taking a random photo from a collection and sticking it onto a backdrop.  That way, you can achieve great results without it looking to be awkwardly ‘stuck on’ – although I grant you, I don’t think anyone would think this was a real life image as giant Santa’s holding children in snow globes would be hard to stage 🙂   I’m continuing to finalise and develop the digital backdrop offering all ready for Christmas 2020 and so there will be a selection for you to choose from when you come to visit!