This is Freya who came to visit my studio in East Grinstead (West Sussex) for a children’s portrait photo shoot.

Her mum brought along some extremely pretty dresses which we definitely made full use of against all different backdrops – I am lucky to have a very versatile studio so we can easily create all sorts of portrait styles from the serious and beautiful to the fun and lively.  We even got out the mini wind machine to get some movement into Freya’s beautiful blonde hair!

Portrait photography has moved on from the days of the staged and formal settings that I grew up with that’s for sure but I also think it has moved on from the white background ‘Venture’ style of image.  Don’t get me wrong, they are fresh and funky and I’ve seen lots that I like but they do get a bit same-y after a while and you don’t get much variety in your images if that is all that you are set up in the studio to do.  I love the fact that we can skip between backdrops, sets and lighting options to create all sorts of look in one easy, relaxed and fun session.