This is Daisy at her final Joey Club baby photography club photo shoot aged a whole one year old.  We celebrated first of all with a clean photo shoot, and then with a cake smash and a tub splash portrait session.

Daisy was wearing a beautiful white dress for the clean shoot portion of her portrait session and she was excellent at showcasing her standing skills as well as posing patiently on my soft sheepskin rug.  Obviously that was far too nice an outfit to smash a cake in though and her mum had brought a special vest and tutu combo especially for the occasion so it was time to change and get stuck into the cake – which she did brilliantly.  In fact we had to finish up a bit quickly as she was really getting into icing eating and there’s a limit to how much sugar you should really have in one sitting, especially if you haven’t actually had any before!  Then it was time to get undressed and enjoy a little relax in the tub.  Her mum chose my duck themed accessories and had actually brought along such a pretty duck towel to get Daisy dry after her bath, that I had to build it into the set – it looks just perfect.  I have several sets of accessories that you can choose from for your tub splash (along with a choice of two tubs) but you’re always welcome to bring along your own items to include!