There’s no better way to celebrate your first twelve months with your little one than with tub splash first birthday photos!

First we start with either family portraits to include mum and dad (well after all they’ve had a big year too) or portraits of your little one on their own – either with props you bring, with my first birthday props or just as they naturally are.  We look to showcase their new skills such as crawling, standing supported or even walking along with lots of their cheeky smiles!  When we’ve set up the studio how we like it, we then move across to their cake smash. It depends on your baby and on their mood on the day as to whether they are happy to dive right in or whether they need a bit of gentle encouragement but once we are happy with the sticky state of them, then it’s time to clean up in the tub splash portion of the photo shoot. Lots of warm water, bubbles and quite possible a duck or two and then it’s time to get ready to go home.

Your pictures will be uploaded to your private online gallery approximately two weeks after your sitting (so remember to allow that amount of time if you would like the pictures for the actual birthday date itself). You can select your five digital images that are included in your package and order more if you’d like to – all from the comfort of the internet.

To find out more, view more photos from my tub splash first birthday photos and book your session, just follow this link.