Owen had a tough act to follow as his sister was actually one of my very first cake smashes and you can see her on my wall if you ever come to visit the studio resplendent in her chefs hat and gleefully smashing her way through a pink cake.   Still, he’s never been one to be daunted and he matched her munch for munch smiling all the while!

His mum had picked out a cute primary colour dinosaur vest for him to smash in and she had sent me a photo of it in advance and so I decided to surprise her with some custom matching dinosaur bunting and I love how it turned out in the finished images.  Apparently the cake didn’t quite turn out as planned but to be honest I think it looked perfect and Owen certainly enjoyed tucking into it.

I’d say that I was sad to say goodbye to this family but I know that Owen is coming back to see to be featured as one of my Facebook Cover Stars so I know I’ll see him soon.  Still, hope they all stay in touch – it’s been so fun getting to know them over the last few years!

Cake Smash & Tub Splash Photo Shoots

A cake smash and tub splash photo shoot is the perfect way to celebrate and commemorate that extra special first birthday.   We start with a clean shoot and mum and dad are welcome to get involved here as well for family pictures if you’d like to.  Then it’s time to get out the cake for some smashing fun!  After that, it’s time to fill your choice of tub with warm and bubbly water for more great pictures and a good old icing removal clean up.  Each session includes your three favourite digital images (chosen from your online gallery, there’s no sales session) and costs £95.