Jensen – celebrating his first birthday at my studio with a cake smash and tub splash photo shoot.

Oh boy is he quick on his feet!  We discovered this while starting the session and trying to persuade him to sit still for the photographs. Luckily, we managed to be just about interesting enough to hold him in one spot for his pictures.

No matter I thought, there’ll be a cake to entertain him in the next section.  He’ll surely stay still for that.  Ummm, no.  He is a smart lad, he quickly worked out that he could go to the cake, grab a handful and then carry on his mission to explore everywhere.  Once again, with a combination of distraction tactics and resetting him, we managed to get a great set of images but I’m not going to lie to you, his mum and dad did get a good coating of icing in the process.  All in a good cause though – he looked very dapper in his bow tie, with the red, white and blue bunting as a nod to his English mum and American dad.

Then it was on to the tub splash section of the photo shoot. The tub was warm, bubbly and inviting and he was more than happy to sit still (hooray!) and enjoy a jolly good splash.  He had a lovely time and we got to rest a little bit – win / win.

All in all, a brilliantly fun session to celebrate a very exciting first birthday!