Ellis just had a very important birthday – well, I think first birthdays are very important affairs.  It marks the end of what has usually been a life-changingly crazy first year with your little one.  Where you’ve watched them grow from tiny helpless newborns, to confident (often) walking one year olds with their own opinions on pretty much everything.

So, definitely worth celebrating.  So his mum decided to bring him for his last Joey Club baby photography club session in the studio and to make it extra special by adding a cake smash and a tub splash (as well as a very natty party hat!)

Sometimes, babies don’t like to get too messy and so the cake smash can be a slow starter but Ellis, as you can see, was happy to dive right in to the very pretty cake his mum had made.  And it was the perfect type of buttercream icing as well, lovely and soft meaning it was easily squished and smeared.  He was a little sticky by the end of the cake smash play time but no matter, as we filled up my old tin tub with warm water and bubbles and sent him home a shiny and clean little man!

Smash and Splash sessions are free within the Joey Club membership or you can book them as a separate session – find out more and book yours online by following this link.