Fraser isn’t a big fan of getting messy and so we just skipped the cake smash part of his first birthday photo shoot. However, he does love bath time so we got out the tub to celebrate such a big milestone as turning one.

It’s totally your choice to mix and match the cake smash and tub splash parts of a first birthday photo shoot – not all babies are fans of both and so it’s important that we give these tiny people what they want.  Fraser was totally happy to splash and play in the tub (they can splash all they want in the studio – everything is vinyl and easy to dry up afterwards!).  We even added in some bubbles for some extra fun – as you can see they totally fascinated him!

Cake Smash & Tub Splash Photo Shoots

A cake smash and tub splash photo shoot is the perfect way to celebrate and commemorate that extra special first birthday.   We start with a clean shoot and mum, dad and siblings are welcome to get involved here as well for family pictures if you’d like to.  Then it’s time to get out the cake for some smashing fun!  After that, it’s time to fill your choice of tub with warm and bubbly water for more great pictures and a good old icing removal clean up.  Each session includes your three favourite digital images (chosen from your online gallery, there’s no sales session) and costs £95.

Cake smash and tub splash sessions are also included in my baby photography club – the Joey Club so if you have a little one (under four months) take a look at that to find out more about capturing your first year together.