So I’m not going to lie to you, photographing siblings aged two and five years old, is likely to be a very lively affair.   It’s fun but it’s definitely a bouncy, fidgety, fast moving and totally wonderful photo shoot to be a part of.

It doesn’t in any way mean that it can’t be done and it certainly doesn’t mean that you don’t get great photos as the two cuties above prove, but we shoot fast and furious with the images largely being captured in the first ten to fifteen minutes of the session – which is about as long as the process will remain interesting to them.

So, this session was a long overdue portrait update for this sibling pair and we did exactly that.  I packed the session into fifteen minutes with fast set and posing changes to keep it as engaging as possible for the little people involved. I’ve always described my studio as a ‘check your dignity at the door’ kind of a place which means that you should come prepared to sing, dance and shout ‘pants’ at high volume secure in the knowledge that I will be doing the same and there is no limit of silliness to which I will not go in order to keep little kids entertained and engaged in the photo process.

So we did just that.  Fifteen minutes of movement, singing, dancing, making up silly stories and generally playing the fool taking photos all the while.  Totally worth it when you see the finished results.

Family Photography

A family photo shoot in my warm and welcoming studio in Crawley Down is suitable for groups of up to two adults and three children (please call me to discuss before booking if your group is larger than this).  The session fee includes five digital images and is £95.