I’m always banging on about how I like to make as many of my props and accessories as possible so I know that what I have in my studio is unique to me.  Whilst this is true, I do also quite enjoy making things and these brand new vintage styled baby rompers were a great deal of fun to whip up.  Plus my sewing machine was getting a bit lazy and I think she enjoyed the run out as well (yep, I think of her as a ‘she’)

Whatever the motivation, it was great fun to sew them and they look really gorgeous in those vintage floral fabrics – can’t wait to try them out.  I’m already shopping around for more pretty fabrics (well do I ever really stop?) and I can see the start of a little collection building here.  These are designed to fit 6 – 12 months and they really would look adorable on little girls when they come to visit on their photo shoot – you’re welcome to use them or bring along your own gorgeous things (I really enjoy that too!).