A while ago I was pondering the studio, and thinking that my bunting and accessory sets were looking a little thin on the boys side of things.  There’s a lot of pinky colours to choose from but the range was undoubtedly a little limited outside of this.  So I turned to my clients (who have impeccable taste) for inspiration.  They came up with lots of great ideas.

The most popular two were pirates then cars and trucks so I put it to the vote.  Cars and trucks came out as the winner and so introducing my brand new bunting and accessories along this theme.  I love it, it’s fairly boyish (that’s not to say that girls wouldn’t like it too) and not to babyish for bigger chaps.  I added in a deep red bunting which matches but is great on it’s own as well.

I can always rely on my clients to steer me in the right direction – wonderful creative bunch they are!  Watch this space for the next voted for studio addition.