Boho Screen Backdrop Set up for a Cake Smash Photo Shoot

My Boho Screen backdrop is actually one that doesn’t get requested all that often, and I think that is probably a bit of a self perpetuating problem.  When someone doesn’t request a backdrop for a while, people don’t see it in use and then they don’t really think of it when it comes to their own photo shoots.

So I’m very happy to see it making something of a comeback in the studio over recent weeks as it’s such a pretty neutral palette to take your baby photos against.  In this case, it’s all set up and ready to go with the cushion and pampas grass accessories and also my cream carpet and fake cake.  Obviously the carpet wouldn’t be down if a real cake was in play but in this case, food allergies meant that my client didn’t want to use a real cake and so we kept the floor nice and cosy for the birthday boy!

I have two fake cakes that you can choose to include with your first birthday photo shoot if you’d like to add a bit of birthday cake fun to proceedings without having to worry about stickiness or clean up – they’re always in the studio so you only have to ask if you want to pop one in for a few shots!

First Birthday Photo Shoots

When it comes to capturing the memories of that first birthday milestone, then there are two options that you can choose from.  You can opt for the Mini First Birthday Shoot which is a short and sweet session with your baby in one outfit, against one backdrop and includes one image for £45.   If you’d like to add in a cake smash, tub splash and family or sibling photos, then you can book a Full First Birthday Shoot which includes three digital images and costs £95.