This is just a few of the very many photos that we took at Mia’s birthday party photo shoot – a bunch of four crazy best friends just having fun and rocking their posing in the studio.

A birthday party photo shoot is booked for up to two hours in the studio to allow plenty of time for four outfit changes and coordinating these outfits is really all part of the fun of the session.  These ladies brought chose their outfits with a great deal of care.  The first was called ‘Express Yourself’ (and outfit that best expressed their personalities), then we moved on to onesies, then crazy outfits (that was pretty much what you’d expect and that’s where the banana outfit came into proceedings), and finally dresses.  We had loads of fun creating all sorts of different images, using all sorts of posing ideas and backdrops.  In a party photo shoot, we take both group and individual shots to give you the maximum value from the session and also to give the girls the best ‘modelling experience.’  However, I guide the girls through everything they need to know so they don’t have to have been in a studio before and the emphasis is always on keeping the session age appropriate, fun and on building confidence.