Sarah Fisher Photography Photographer West Sussex

Well there’s sure no denying that this has been a year like no other!  There have been unimaginable lows and some surprising notes of hope amidst it all and I’m sure that there are many things for me to learn from my experiences in 2020, although I have struggled to find them sometimes.

I’ve had to shut my business down (twice) which was incredibly hard but after the initial shock, I hope I’ve put the time to good use developing the studio, my ideas and my skillset to be able to offer even more to my clients.  And that’s about the best I can say about that 🙂

My clients of course have been the high point of my year – sticking with me and suffering last minute rescheduling especially with regard to the Christmas photo shoots.  Their patience and flexibility in coming to the studio at short notice meant that I managed to get everyone that had booked the festive photos that they wanted which, with three sold out events, was no mean feat.  I’m sure having Christmas photos doesn’t solve the problems of this year, but hopefully it provided a little bit of light relief in the middle of it all.

And outside of the Covid stuff, it’s been an amazing year with lots of old friends and new coming to visit and I’ve honestly had the best time making images with all of you.  So I’d like to take the opportunity to give you my best festive wishes and all my love for the season.

It is comforting I think to know that even in the middle of all the upheaval that this year has thrown at us, my commitment to using Edward the studio dog in all of my celebration photos remains unwavering 🙂

Much love

Sarah x